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Top Rated Airbnb Rental Property Cleaning

Get reliable and affordable short term rental cleaning!

5 star reviews are so important for AIRBNB companies and entrepreneurs. A clean place has a huge impact on getting that 5 star to keep people booking your property. You need a reliable cleaning service to clean your home and make it the best stay for your tenants.

Aspects Of Our Short Term Rental Cleaning Service

Deep Cleaning

While our deep cleaning process for Airbnb rentals has a lot in common with our strategy for standard homes, our approach has a key difference. When cleaning an Airbnb, our professionals are aware that the property constitutes a business. Accordingly, they consider their task to provide the essential conditions to enhance the long-term market viability of your business. Using Refined Rituals’ trademark “green” cleaning products, state-of-the-art equipment, and meticulous methodology, our cleaning professionals will sanitize every corner of your rental property. We will thoroughly disinfect, sweep, dust, mop, and vacuum — securing you that coveted five-star review.

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Standard Cleaning

Invest in your business with standard cleaning. Refined Rituals’ routine cleaning is the most common recurring service among our clients who own Airbnb rental properties. Our tenacious, attentive cleaners will scrub, mop, dust, sweep, vacuum, and wipe your property from top to bottom, leaving it polished and perfect. Because they are businesses that derive their profit from — and thus depend upon — high occupant turnover, Airbnb rentals are vulnerable to unique cleaning challenges. As a professional property, an Airbnb requires a professional hand — and at Refined Rituals, our cleaning experts have restored thousands of Airbnbs, no matter how tough the job.

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Touch up Cleaning

A touch-up cleaning is perfect for Airbnb rental owners who already have an efficient cleaning regimen or face demanding time constraints. At Refined Rituals, we approach every and every project — deep cleaning and touch-up cleaning alike — with the utmost dedication and attentiveness. In other words, our touch-up cleaning does not necessarily leave out significant components of our standard and deep variations. It just accelerates and modulates them — and, ultimately, delivers our trademark five-star service. Accordingly, you can expect our usual industry-leading provisions: safe products, top-of-the-line methodology, licensed professionals, and communicative transparency. Invest in your business — get a quote today.

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Get flat rates and no hidden fees with Our Short Term rental cleaning services!

We offer flat-rate pricing – no hidden fees, no surprises. Our pricing is the same as our standard home cleaning service. Discounts: Monthly (10% Off) Biweekly (15% Off) and Weekly (20% Off).

  • Under 600 sqft
    Airbnb One-Time $175
  • 601 to 1200 sqft
    Airbnb One-Time $225
  • 1201 to 1800 sq ft
    Airbnb One-Time $275
  • 1801 to 2400 sqft
    Airbnb One-Time $350
  • 2401 to 3000 sqft
    Airbnb One-Time $410
  • 3001 to 3400 sqft
    Airbnb One-Time $460

Note: We don’t wash or dry towels and sheets, the host needs to provide clean and fresh sets of towels and sheets.

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Refined Rituals

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Cleaning Certified

All of our technicians are certified within their scope of practice and have received their cleaning certifications before going out into the field. A big part of what we do is educating our clients on our processes and the science behind the solutions we use.

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We do things the right way, we are all about good communication and most importantly we are honest. We go out of our way to ensure that with each cleaning method, we are choosing products that are as safe as possible while still getting the job done to industry standards.

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Safe Products

Refined Rituals is passionate about using products that are safe for the family and won’t have harmful effects on the environment. If we ever have to use a solution that isn't considered “green” we will talk it out with you and explain the reason why.

We Guarantee 100% Satisfaction

We strive for customer satisfaction and if there is anything we cannot clean, and did not discuss it with you prior to your service, you will not be charged.

3 Simple Steps To Get Total Home Cleaning


Get A Fast and Free Quote

We like to make it as easy as possible. We can come to you or you can send pictures to your local number or our email and we can give you a quote instantly.


We work around your schedule so once you approve the quote you can pick a day and time and our integrative crm will keep you updated with reminders and when we are on the way.


Once our service technicians or home cleaners get started; you will be updated every step of the way until the job is done.

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Got Questions? We got answers!

Our cleaners will accommodate the time that is most convenient for you — and, indeed, they frequently work outside of regular business hours. Simply include this detail when you request a quote; we’ll work around it. We approach each project by considering possibilities, not exclusions: not limits, but the absence thereof.

Of course. Just as our pricing for Airbnb rental property cleaning is the same as our pricing for standard home cleaning, we likewise offer variable frequencies of service.

No, so long as the rental property is made accessible to our cleaners. The manner of accessibility is left to your discretion. When you request a quote from Refined Rituals, feel free to include any details you can think of, such as whether you’d prefer to be present or not.

To a large extent, it depends on the type of cleaning you select — deep cleaning, standard cleaning, or touch-up cleaning. However, all three iterations include the same essentials, like removing dirt and grime, sanitizing counters and other surfaces, and cleaning floors and walls. Feel free to share special requests.

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