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Top Rated Carpet Repair and Restretching Service

Get the best Carpet Repair and Restretching for your home!

At Refined Rituals, we are all about sustainability. There are many times that you can actually save the money and repair your carpet. 

Refined Rituals specializes in carpet repair services such as

  • snags / pulls
  • open / split seams
  • buckles, waves, bubbles
  • tears / rips
  • pet damage
  • permanent discolorations
  • bleach stains
  • water damage

Our II-CRC certified technicians can help you remove any unwanted seams, wrinkles or damages with carpet re-stretching, reinstallation, or repairs using the proper techniques and tools.

Aspects Of Our Carpet Repair Service

Carpet Re-Stretch

Our technicians will re-stretch your carpet with a power stretcher to remove buckled and wavy carpet.

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Bonded Inserts

A bonded insert is a technique also known as patching. Our technicians will use this technique to replace a small area of the carpet that has been damaged or stained.

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Seam Repairs

Our technicians will break open the seam, trim the damaged area, then put new heat tape down, stretch it if needed, and re-seam it back together.

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Our Carpet Repair Process

For us to re-stretch the carpet our technicians will move any furniture that is needed and pop free the carpet from the wall and reinforce the track strip or install new tack strip if needed. Then we will fold the carpet back and start re-stretching the carpet using a power stretcher or mini stretcher until the wrinkle has flattened. Then we will move the furniture back after we vacuum the carpet.

A bonded insert is when we remove the stain or damaged area and place a new piece of carpet back into that area. The customer either needs to supply a donor piece which is an extra piece left over from the original installation or we will need to take a piece out of the closet and put something that is a close match back in the closet.

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Refined Rituals

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Cleaning Certified

All of our technicians are certified within their scope of practice and have received their cleaning certifications before going out into the field. A big part of what we do is educating our clients on our processes and the science behind the solutions we use.

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We do things the right way, we are all about good communication and most importantly we are honest. We go out of our way to ensure that with each cleaning method, we are choosing products that are as safe as possible while still getting the job done to industry standards.

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Safe Products

Refined Rituals is passionate about using products that are safe for the family and won’t have harmful effects on the environment. If we ever have to use a solution that isn't considered “green” we will talk it out with you and explain the reason why.

We Guarantee 100% Satisfaction

We strive for customer satisfaction and if there is anything we cannot clean, and did not discuss it with you prior to your service, you will not be charged.

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We like to make it as easy as possible. We can come to you or you can send pictures to your local number or our email and we can give you a quote instantly.


We work around your schedule so once you approve the quote you can pick a day and time and our integrative crm will keep you updated with reminders and when we are on the way.


Once our service technicians or home cleaners get started; you will be updated every step of the way until the job is done.

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Got Questions? We got answers!

You may notice waves or small ripples in your carpet after a period of time, whether it be from use or after getting your carpet cleaned. We call these ripples or wrinkles, buckling.
The most common reason for carpet buckling is incorrect carpet installation. When installing carpet you must use a power stretcher and if the installer fails to do this you could lose the warranty on your carpet and most likely have buckling. Some other reasons are too thick of padding and dragging furniture.
There are alot of reasons why seams can split or be more noticeable. If the seam was placed in an area with heavy foot traffic it could cause the seam to split over time. If the seam wasn’t sealed or heated properly during the installation process could be another reason why the seam became damaged.

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