Why use green products?

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Imagine this:

You’re laying down on the living room carpet watching a movie.

Your children are having fun and wrestling on the carpet/rug.

Your pets are resting their heads on the carpet, sleeping or hanging out with the family.

These are only a few examples of scenarios where you might physically engage with your carpet/rugs in your home.

Now, think about the last time you thoroughly cleaned your carpets/rugs with green products…Most of the time, it’s a run to the store to pick up products that contain dangerous chemicals and toxins. It’s a quick fix and easy way to clean, but is it effective and safe? Absolutely not.

Many of the products used to clean homes contain ammonia, bleach, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), fragrances, etc. These chemicals fill up the home and pollute the air which can irritate and affect the following:

  • Eyes
  • Throat
  • Cause allergic reactions
  • Cause headaches
  • Cause cancer
  • Contribute to major heart and respiratory problems
  • Affect people with asthma

Refined Rituals prides itself in using certified non-toxic green solutions that are extremely safe for the entire family and gentle on the environment. You won’t need to worry about exposing anyone in your home to chemicals that could have detrimental effects on their health. So, go ahead and watch the movie on the carpet, let your children roll around, and allow your pets to rest their heads down with the comfort of knowing that no harmful products will be directly breathed in.

Don’t delay in making the safer choice; contact Refined Rituals here and we’ll be more than happy to come to you!

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